Entering a new church can be overwhelming. To help you find your way on Sundays, when you enter our services of worship the Ushers can answer most questions regarding what to do next. Feel free to ask them. They will have a tag on identifying them as ushers. You should be able to find your location on the campus with the kiosks (directories) located in different places throughout. On Wednesdays, if you come to the Family Life Center and head for the Dining Hall, there will be someone there to assist you around 6:00 pm. We have a New Members class that lasts five weeks in the fall (or the spring) of the year where the way we operate as a church is covered.

Let me say, welcome. We’re glad you are here. I hope you can make yourself at home and grow with us. You may be asking some quest questions frequently asked by others. Click on the commonly asked questions to gain some understanding.

Common Questions

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. It is the way to have the best experience and that is what we want for you. It is our hope you will feel your stresses are reduced in order for you to concentrate on your spiritual growth. This means what you wear, safety of your children, activities for my student, where do I go and what does a typical worship service experience involve?

Here at FBC we have children’s choir, youth choir, youth handbells, adult choir and adult handbells.  

When you entrust us with your child’s Christian education, we take it seriously. We provide a safe, clean, and engaging environment and Bible-based experiential instruction, songs that encourage movement, and exciting games and activities that invite the children to connect with each other, bring the Bible lesson to life, and introduce the children to God’s infinite love. 

FSM is an environment where students 6th -12th grade can come together to meet new friends and learn more about what it looks like to be a faithful follower of Christ as a student. There is corporate worship, youth Sunday School, and Bible Study and Fellowship on Sunday Evenings.

Back during COVID 19 we implemented high quality filters capturing 99% of airborne germs including the COVID 19 virus germs.  This helps you relax knowing the air is purified during these seasons of airborne pathogens and germs.

We also have one of the best security set ups for children during worship having a uniformed officer on site during the worship experiences and check in and check out services to secure children within the program until the parents collect their children for the ride home.

You’ll find sanitizer bottles at each entrance for the sake of helping keep you germ free while you are here.

It is our desire for you to have the best worship experience possible, whether contemporary or traditional. The contemporary service starting at 8:30 am is a bit more casual in dress with praise music provided by the Worship Team.  Our second traditional service starting at 10:30 am has a bit of formality.  There is a choir along with Hymns sung by the congregation.  Business casual to formal business suits are common in this service.  In both services we seek to honor God and praise Him in music and study of the scriptures. It isn’t so much about what you are wearing as much as your desire to worship God and join with others in strengthening your relationship with Him.

A Place for Kids to Worship

At FBC Lincolnton we strive to provide an exciting Children’s Ministry experience for all children, birth through 5th grade. Our nursery and toddler classes serve ages birth through 2 years. Children ages 3 through 5 gather in the Clubhouse, while kindergarten through 5th graders study in KidCity. Small groups meet during each of the worship times. Our classes involve active participation, engaging activities, and above all, are Bible-based. We seek to provide a loving, fun, educational, and exciting time of worship every week!

A Place to Worship with Families

As you come to worship, we have several opportunities for you to Worship and study the Bible. At 8:30 am on Sunday, we have an early service with praise music leading out followed by Bible Study (aka Sunday School), and then once more at 10:30 am service which is more traditional in form and style. On Wednesdays, you can meet people more informally at Prayer Meeting where we study the Scriptures and look the Prayer list over with a time for prayer. There are children’s programs available when each of these meetings is underway. Come Join us for a better chance to know us and for us to know you.